So, the show in Athens was adventurous, at least.
It won't make any sense to write down what happened after Eternal Hated finished their soundcheck (that was around 19.30), but eventually the show got moved (and saved) to another club (called Glam or Rainbow or whatever) the last minute, literally.
After all, we had 20 minutes to play our set, with no soundcheck at all, our singer running to the club just before we played the first chords and people wondering what the fuck it was happening.
We started with 'Can't tell no one', hypothetically serving the purpose of a checking our sound (sic), and then we managed to play all our 6/7 songs, plus the Gorilla Biscuits cover featuring a special guest in harmonica!
All in all, it wasn't even close to what we expected for our first show in Athens. We had some fun, though.
Nevermind, fuck it.
See you next time (17.12).

P.S. Thanks to all the kids that showed up, supported us and bought our demo. 40 CDRs sold out in 5 days, no bad at all. We're doing a 2nd pressing of 40 more CDRs, that will be available in the next days. We still have tapes available, though.
P.S.2 The Volos show is 100% confirmed for Friday 10th December; we're sharing the stage with Against All Odds and Green Goblins. We are trying to find a show in Thessaloniki for 11th December, as well, or else we'll find another city to trash up, no worries.


S.'s time

Our bassist S. (an amateur photographer) took some amazing and some not so good pictures during our trip in Sofia. I write 'some', because the cigarette / extension in his hand didn't allow them to take 'many'.
Moreover, he wants to add some more info in the report I posted yesternight (sic).
-Niki's friends are: Billy, Ljubo and Chris.
-He is in love with the tattooed hardcore girl from Sofia.
-The Montana guy 'drink, drink, drink' should be mentioned among the highlights.



Woah, Sofia was an amazing experience.
A big thanks goes to Alex LH and Martjin NTB for giving us the chance to join this awesome show, Nick Those Days for all the hospitality, Niki for being our host (& his friends, I cannot remember names, sorry...) and Nikolakis EH for letting us sleep in his house in Thessaloniki, and feeding us with vegan cake and hot tea.
Our trip started in Friday evening; after a fucking traffic jam in the national road, we managed to exit Athens at 18.00 and entered Thessaloniki at 22.30. The rest is history. 
We got back in Athens late at Sunday night. More than 1600km in 2 days, not bad at all.

Highlights / inside jokes:
'Psile sentra' at Rotonta Sq.
22os | sandwich / souvlaki argument
Amfilegomenos / Amfisvitoumenos / Dubious
Plovdiv (in general)
Vegan straight edge hip hop group / F.'s dream
S.'s whistle
Ford Focus' broken bumper
Art Hostel's employee (24hr zombie)
Bilkova (only A. & S. know, the other 2 were sleeping)
Karafaki fasi / Katerini / F. dancing

So, it's time for our 2nd show / 1st in Athens.
27th Oct. is the night (that means tomorrow or even today).
Show up @ Mad Club, we're playing 1st, around 21.15.

Don't forget to grab our CDRs and tapes, while you are there.
Btw, our tape was just released. I burned my head burning tapes all day and all night.
The CDR is limited to 40 copies (20 already gone) and the tape in 60 copies (yellow C32 tape).
Here's the tape's cover, thanks to Ultra Grim Disign:

That's all.
Cya soon.


Demo CDR out now!

Hey fellow ones.
We got the final mix of our demo this morning (tons of thanks to Steph) and since then we worked with pleasure in order to prepare all 40 CDRs for you. So, yeap, our first demo is OUT NOW! 'Noble Intentions' CDR includes 6 songs + an intro of intense and passionate hardcore (or at least we think so...), A5 folded lyric sheet and a cute sticker. Moreover, the covers are hand-numbered and printed in colored papers (yellow, pink, azure & light green). The artwork was made by our friend and amazing illustrator Bill (Jerboa Illustrations) and it's 100% handmade. As mentioned above, the CDR is limited to 40 copies, this is the 1st press, even though I dunno if there's gonna be a 2nd one, actually it depends on you...!
Here's the cover:
Nice, isn't it?! The demo costs 2 euros and you can get it either by us or by visiting this site:
www.myturnhc.bigcartel.com (yeah we even made a big cartel, we're getting rich!).
We'll have copies in our first show in Bulgaria and in our upcoming Athens show on 27th, but the impatient ones can get a copy from World's Appreciated Kitsch distro table during The Feeling Of Love show in K/S this Saturday. Alex is gonna take care of the distro, so kindly ask him for a copy!
We will upload a couple of songs in our myspace site tonight or tomorrow morning. Check it out: www.myspace.com/myturnhc

The tape format of our demo is gonna be out next week, since we didn't get the tapes in time for our first show in Sofia this coming Saturday. Hopefully, we'll have the tapes in our first Greek show. Fingers crossed.

Concerning the next My Turn shows, we booked one more, this time in Volos city on Friday 10th December. More info will come soon. We are about to confirm a show in Thessaloniki on 11th December, as well.

That's all I guess.
Stay gold & take care of yerselves.
We're sailing on.


Sofia_23rd October

Yeap, it's true.
We joined the Hate City 2010 Fest, along with No Turning Back, Last Hope, Brothers In Blood, Cut Off and Seven Ate Nine.
The fest is gonna take place in The Box, downtown Sofia city, and we are playin' at 19.30, so all of you Bulgarian friends show up for some passionate hardcore / punk music.
We're psyched about this, since it'll be our first show ever.
Thanks to Alex (ReAct Booking & Last Hope) for letting us in.

'Noble Intentions' demo tapes will be available during the show.
We just got the covers from the print-office and we are patiently waiting for the yellow tapes to arrive from the UK, while our 6 songs (+ an intro) are being mixed by a super nice guy called Stefanos.
By the way, we decided to print a limited edition of CDRs, as well. We'll make a bunch of 40, handmade & handnumbered. Our friend V. (Jerboa Illustrations) is taking care of the covers.

Think positive.


Demo update.

We are happy to announce that our demo tape 'Noble Intentions' is in the final process.
You'll get more info as soon as every little detail is done and the 'product' is ready for you to grab & listen.
We hope to have this cute tape ready for our first show on 27th October.

Moreover, check our guitarist's new label, called Night Owl X. Hit him up at www.nxox.blogspot.com if you are involved in any kind of positive hardcore activity. He's co-producing our demo with our vocalist's own label, World's Appreciated Kitsch. The ultimate homemade project, don't you think so?!

Stay gold.


The Locals Only Hardcore Show

Ladies & gentlemen, dudes & dudettes, this is the poster of our first show ever.
Can't wait for this. It's gonna be special.