Some months ago we kinda decided not to upload any photos in our social media.
It seems that this is definitely not happening.
My Turn is still about letting the music & the lyrics unveil our emotions, and not exposing ourselves, though.  
Our good friend Kristi sent us a bunch of photos from the Volos show.
Check out her tumblr sites: screaming-reality.tumblr.com / nosofobia.tumblr.com


Good morning.
Our dear friend Suzie just sent us a bunch of photos she took during the show in Volos.
Check out her blog called Anchor End: snowspirit.tumblr.com
It seems that more & more girls get involved in the hc / punk scene, and this is undoubtedly vital for it to keep going.
Thanks S., we really appreciate it.
Here you are.


Huge thanks to every single one of you that made us feel more than comfortable during the Volos & Oropos shows. Extra thanks to the gals & guys that took care of the shows. 
We need more of you dedicated individuals.
We are going back to rehearsals this week. I doubt if we play any show till 24th September when we have the Strefi concert. The Sofia show is approaching, too, and our excitement can't be described.

So, that was a short update. Hardcore is all about communication after all, and even 2-3 clauses serve this purpose. 
Peace (e?!),

the other day you asked me if I believe in karma
what we will become the day that we die
if our souls will reach the sky, if our sins will be forgiven
then I gave you a hug and we kissed goodnight


Here's the second poster of the show in Volos.
Click on it to enlarge.
It's a 2-day fest dedicated to the squat movement.


Summer is almost over and we say goodbye to it with 2 more shows...
Farewell summer! We have a lot of plans for autumn / winter, though.
So, we'd be more than glad to see you at the shows and dance with you like there's no tomorrow. 
Or at least you can come and say hi... and maybe buy our merch? (kidding!).

Take good care of yourselves,

p.s. btw, check out this one:


Corfu was cool. 
We send a big thank you to the ones that deserve it and they definitely know who they are.
So, vacation period is almost over for all 4 of us; we still have some leftovers to enjoy, though.
After all, our shows and our roadtrips are vacation time, as well. 
We undoubtedly enjoy what we are doing with My Turn, these times cannot be easily traded...
We have 2 more shows till the end of the summer.
Volos - 25th August, along with our friends Despite Everything and Faithreat, plus the super duper punk rock group from Slovenia called In-Sane.
Oropos - 27th August, we participate in the Fist Festival along with our beloved Bandage and a bunch of cool punk bands.
More shows are coming in September / October; check the list on the right.
We are into playin' cities we've never played before like Ioannina and Kavala, plus one more show in Thessaloniki. If you are interested in booking us there, don't hesitate to drop us a line, we are cool & easy-going kids!

No more news I guess.
Support Bamboo Vegan; a new project that our guitarist is involved and it's def great.
And go check out Think. / a publication feat. words & images by our vocalist.
See ya out there.
Till then enjoy some photos that our friend Natalia took with her new lomo fisheye camera during the trip in Corfu. Btw, I just discovered that she also wrote a report of the trip in her tumblr site: zombey.tumblr.com

Without you we are nothing,

P.S.1 30 years after the riot in Brixton, London is once more calling to the underworld...
P.S.2 10 years without Carlo Giuliani... Shot dead by cops during the demonstrations in Genova on 20th July 2001; never forgive, never forget.


So, Tuesday was a special day for My Turn...
To start with, we got booked for an awesome show in Sofia, BG.
We are playing with Trial, Anchor and Run With The Hunted on 26th Sept.
We dare to say that a dream comes true...
Moreover, we almost finished our 9th new song. Well, this song is called 'We kissed goodnight' and we dare (once again) to say that it's one of our most mature songs ever. Pretty excited... Can't wait to perform our new stuff live. Fortunately, our upcoming gigs list includes a bunch of cool shows. More shows to be announced / confirmed really soon. We are here to stay and you know it.

In other news... We are getting prepared for the Corfu show. We have a long trip ahead but you know how much we love roadtrips! Also, a couple of friends will come with us and some more are already in Corfu, so we won't be in this alone.
Groove Your Neighborhood fest will take place in New Fortress; the doors will open around 18.00 and the show will start one hour later (I think...). We are 3rd on the bill.

We got our new merch a couple of hours ago!
The new t-shirt includes an awesome drawing by our mate Bill (Jerboa Illustrations; jerboaillustrations.carbonmade.com) feat. a sloth drinking oranje juice and destroyin' a city. It seems that 'Orange juice and punk rock' (besides being a My Turn song) is our new motto... So, the t-shirt is limited to 30pcs. Sizes available: large, medium, small and girlie (one size, medium).
30 tote bags feat. the octopus design and 'my life is fucking gold' quote, are available, too.
This Heart Is A Pipebomb are responsible for the printings (thisheartisapipebomb.blogspot.com).

That's all.
Expect a new update in a week or so.
Some of us are leaving for vacation for a couple of days, some others are stayin' in our loved & hated Athens city.
Stay gold & take good care of each other.