-Katarameno Syndromo crew created a fuckin' awesome / freakin' yeah podcast, including 'This World' by My Turn. Copy the following link to your browser and feel free to enjoy a cup of tea or roll a joint* and listen to it: http://kataramenosyndromo.com/2011/03/15/podact/

-We had a rehearsal on Monday featuring Drossos from Bandage and it went very well. We'd like to inform you that Drossos is helpin' us out as a session bassist for some shows (the ones that S. cannot join in because of the fucking army). We have a new song called 'A bitter smile', if you care.

-We have 3 shows coming up, check out the list on your right. All of them are in the countryside, and we are very happy about it; time for roadtrips again. Also, there's a kinda of a big show that will take place in Athens this June; more information soon, because we are collectively thinking a bit of the details...

-The image above is the design of the first My Turn button ever, that will be available anytime soon, ltd to 100 cps. It was done by the mastermind called Ultra Grim Disign. PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude.

*How more open-minded can a hardcore band -feat. 3 straight edge members- be? We are here to provoke everything and everybody, never forget this.

All our knowledge begins with the senses, proceeds then to the understanding, and ends with reason. There's nothing higher than reason - Immanuel Kant


It's been a long time since we last updated this blog...
To be honest, we were a bit bored to update a fucking faceless shit, but since we are all staring at a PC screen for a quite a few hours every day, I decided to write some things down, while I'm listening to Perfect Future.
So, life is hell but who cares...
Our precious anger-exposing vehicle (you may call it My Turn) is doin' well.
2 of our members are serving the army (one of them is not exactly doin' so, but nevermind), one of us is workin' hard to earn some money to survive in this fucking life (+ buy some vegan / straight edge hip hop records), while we don't know where is the 4th one; if you have seen him anywhere, drop us a line or just tell him to get back in Athens.
Btw, we had a rehearsal 10 days ago and we wrote a brand new song, simply called 'A Bitter Smile', you have to listen to this. Honestly, I think it's one of our best songs; and it's catchy as hell, haha.
We can't be patient; we wanna play live now... NOW!
But we have to wait till 9th April, when we are gonna travel to Komotini to share the stage with our friends Vodka Juniors, and Bad Bid. Get prepared for war.
Moreover, we have confirmed a show in Patras on 6th May, along with Straight Opposition and My Distance from Italy, plus our fellow band I Want You Dead. It's gonna be a blast.
There's a chance that we'll play in Volos on 26th April, but it's not sure yet...
A! Did I tell you that we are gonna play as special guests in a show coming up in the end of March?
You won't read My Turn in any poster, but you'll be informed via email, no worries...

Other news? Hm... We got a really nice interview and an awesome review in rockap.gr.
Here are the links to enjoy both:

We also went commercial, giving one of our songs for a video showing a friend of us designing a Cohete surfboard deck. We are getting rich, fuck yeah!

That's all,
We'll update this shit again really soon.
Read Take Your Shot fanzine #4.

The poster above was designed by Ultra Grim Disign.
We are thinking of printing some cards using this design.
I dunno if the financial crisis will let us do it.