It's precious.

Thanks to everyone that showed up @ last Friday's show. We had a great time.
And we really enjoyed playing 2 new songs; Broken and Precious.
Even though we are approaching the Christmas holidays, My Turn members never rest.
We added 2 more shows in our upcoming gig-list.
The first will take place in Patras on Monday 10th January 2011. It's our first show for the fucking new year and we are very excited to play again in Patras, welcoming back I Want You Dead and our singer (both are leaving for a European tour in the next days).
The second show will take place in Athens on Saturday 15th January; it's 99% confirmed but till we get the 100% we won't tell you anything. It's a local show, at least.
Here are the posters of the 10th January show and the Venerea show in Larissa:
In other news... We sold out the 2nd edition of our demo CDr, while we only have a bunch of tapes remaining... It seems that we are gonna print some more CDrs for our January shows; we are thinking of a special edition for our Italian trip. We'll see. Moreover, as far as I remember, we only have 2-3 tees available, so if you want one, hurry up.
I almost forgot it... Here's the link to download our demo (lyrics / covers included), don't hesitate to copy & paste it to your explorer and spread it to your friends. http://www.mediafire.com/?czu6g1tel2rk71h 

That's all. We'd love to wish you a merry x-mas and a happy new year.
Till then...


Positively Negative.

So, the shows in Volos and - especially - Agrinio were epic.
Good times.
Tonight is gonna be a blast.
Don't miss the fest; we are gonna play 2 new songs, by the way.

Photo by Nikitas / Bandage
Poster destroyed by A.



Fri 10.12 - Riot Squat / Volos
Sat 11.12 - En Plw / Agrinio
The entrance for the 2 shows is free.
You can find the poster for the Volos show in older posts, while, unfortunately, we don't have the Agrinio show in jpeg format.We share the stage with cool bands / friends in both shows.
We'll be happy to see you / meet you there. It's gonna be a blast of a weekend.

By the way, the poster for PNHF4 changed once again.
Here's the final (we hope) one:
The show we were about to confirm is eventually confirmed.
We'll play in Milano (Saronno / Varese district), Italy, on Saturday 22nd January 2011, sharing the stage of Telos squat / venue with good friends The Smashrooms and 2 more decent bands, Congegno and Attrito.
This will be our 2nd show abroad and we're really excited about this. Already bought the airtickets!

Stay gold.



Winter won't stop us. Besides that, it's still hot in this fucking shithole!
So, we have a new show confirmed.
We are gonna play along with legendary Venerea from Sweden in Larissa on 29th January.
And this won't be our first show for 2011... We are about to confirm one more date (actually, the week before), we'll let you know...
Moreover, we have our first t-shirt unleashed.
Here you are:
Nice eh? Because after all 'our life is fucking gold', never forget this.
The tee (designed by Demon) is available in 30 cps, black design in white Fruit Of The Loom t-shirt; large, medium and small sizes.
Wanna get one? You'll have the chance during our upcoming shows or else use this: www.myturnhc.bigcartel.com

Moreover, Throats have cancelled their appearance in PNHF4 on 17th Dec. Nevermind, the fest is going on without them. The price is lower now, so better for you to come and watch us shreddin' AN Club's stage.
Btw, here's the new poster:
Till next update, da da...