Both shows we played in Athens last week were rad.
Thank you.

We started the recording sessions of our first - yet untitled - full length album.
Drums are almost done. 
Bass guitar is next.

Btw, we are working on some new shows abroad.
We'll keep you updated.
Merry Xmas to everyone.
Take good care of each other; the times are hard.


We just came back from Serres.
The more the kilometers, the more the fun.
Tons of thanks to everyone that made us feel like home.
It's the reason why we still exist.

Get prepared for Saturday night.
Get prepared for war.
No tear gas will stop us this time...!

Stay gold


Natalia a.k.a. Moko took some pictures during our set in Nomiki and below you can watch the result.
Tons of thanks to her.
Moreover, check out an interview we gave in a greek portal.
Other news; we are rehearsing a lot this week since the recordings of our new album will hopefully start the next one.
We'll keep you updated.
Have a nice week / month.