So, the show in Athens was adventurous, at least.
It won't make any sense to write down what happened after Eternal Hated finished their soundcheck (that was around 19.30), but eventually the show got moved (and saved) to another club (called Glam or Rainbow or whatever) the last minute, literally.
After all, we had 20 minutes to play our set, with no soundcheck at all, our singer running to the club just before we played the first chords and people wondering what the fuck it was happening.
We started with 'Can't tell no one', hypothetically serving the purpose of a checking our sound (sic), and then we managed to play all our 6/7 songs, plus the Gorilla Biscuits cover featuring a special guest in harmonica!
All in all, it wasn't even close to what we expected for our first show in Athens. We had some fun, though.
Nevermind, fuck it.
See you next time (17.12).

P.S. Thanks to all the kids that showed up, supported us and bought our demo. 40 CDRs sold out in 5 days, no bad at all. We're doing a 2nd pressing of 40 more CDRs, that will be available in the next days. We still have tapes available, though.
P.S.2 The Volos show is 100% confirmed for Friday 10th December; we're sharing the stage with Against All Odds and Green Goblins. We are trying to find a show in Thessaloniki for 11th December, as well, or else we'll find another city to trash up, no worries.