Some months ago we claimed that we live for those fucking 25 minutes we spend on stage every time we play a show.
This quote was spinning in our minds during the Volos show.
We cannot find the right words to describe the awesomeness we all felt.
Thank you for keeping the positive mental attitude alive despite all the negativity that is floating around in the world nowadays.

Together we are what we can't be alone.
Stay gold,

P.S. Besides that we'd love to thank the bands and the individuals that got involved in the benefit show that took place in Athens on Friday night. We had a great time.


A super duper weekend is approaching.
We have 2 shows coming up on Fri / Sat.
To start with, we are playing a benefit show in Polytechnic University (Exarheia, downtown Athens) on Friday 24th, along with Lunatix, Jagernaut, Arxi Tou Telous and Kratarammeno Stoma. 
Some hours after the end of this show, we will be on the road again, heading to Volos.
It's gonna be our 4th show in Volos till now, but this time it's more special since it's the farewell show of Drossos and the welcome on board show for Nikos, who's gonna take the bassist duties from now on, as you already know. Moreover, this concert coincides with the carnival, and everyone should be dressed appropriately. Can't wait.

In other news, we are about to finish the guitar recordings and start recording the vocals next week. We know that it took us way too long to record this album, but we are sure you'll love the final result. Besides that, we are working on some new shows for the spring / summer period. More info soon.


P.S. Check out this event: http://www.facebook.com/events/323110621067844/ Our vocals, a., is going to talk about the straight edge movement in a web radio show tomorrow.


We welcome Nick as the new bassist player of MT.
Nick is also known for his participation in Eternal Hated and Take The Chance.
Since he's only 21 years old, he'll be the new blood in MT.
Being a vegan / straight edge, he's also involved in Ferae Naturae blog & distro.
We are super psyched to have Nick in MT. Period.

On the other hand, we would love to sincerely thank Drossos for being a dedicated MT member for almost a year now.
We had lots of fun, travelled thousands of miles and recorded our first full length with him, as well, so we definitely owe him a lot.
Support his other band, Bandage, they rule.
His last show (and respectively Nick's first one) with MT will take place in Volos on 25th Feb.

In other news, we are about to finish recording guitars this week.
Just waiting for Jack to come back from DE's greek tour.
Concert wise, we are booking some new dates in Greece plus working on our euro tour.

Concerning the recent riots in Greece we had to declare that without the abolishment of any kind of authority, we'll never be free. The system has obviously failed. It's our chance to take our lives in our hands.



The previous weekend was one of our best till now.
We had 2 amazing shows in Athens & Ioannina.
Concerning the Athens show we'd love to thank the 77-82 team, Censored Sound
and all of you that packed Roi Mat. It was amazing.
On the other hand, Ioannina was definitely our most energetic show in the countryside.
We tied our shoelaces and danced hard.
Despite the bad sound, you / we gave it all.
We won't forget this.
Hugs to Nio & the rest of Ya Basta squat crew, our friends Dirty Wombs and 10 To Go,
plus the local band Klain Mein 69.
Check out this: www.dirtywombs.blogspot.com / 

We have one more weekender at the end of the month.
More shows will be announced asap, since you know that live shows feed us.
Meanwhile, we are working on a 15-day summer euro tour starting out on 10th July.
More info soon.

'and every time we carry all this weight, every time we feel so much betrayed, a bird in a cage will show us where's our rage'