Groove Your Neighborhood IV. The poster.
If anyone wants to come with us in Corfu next week, drop us a line,
I think that we have a couple of seats available in the cars.
Have a nice weekend.


We are trying to defeat broiling weather by rehearsing and taking care of My Turn business (sic).
So, we are psyched to announce that we have almost finished composing 2 new songs, that will be featured in our upcoming full length, which is gonna be released sometime in the end of 2011 / early 2012.
New song no.1 is called 'If'... If you know the road, take me with you, leave the lights on and I will follow you... If you have the key, open this door, let me in, let me crash on your floor... while song no.2 is called 'Do You Care?'... Blood equals your welfare, do you care? Life becomes despair, do you care? Cruelty everywhere, do you care? I don't think that it's fair but do you care?...

Moreover, we booked 2 more shows... We are playing with In-Sane from Slovenia, plus all time friends Despite Everything and Faithreat, in Riot Squat / Volos, on 25th August. We have also joined the first DIY festival that is taking place in Oropos, called Fist Festival, on 27th August.

Merchwise... We have sold out all 60 copies of the octopus design t-shirt, so it's time for a bunch of more. This time the design may feature a sloth...! Besides that, we will have 30 tote bags with the octopus design anytime soon. 
That's all.

P.S. Here's a graphic that our friend Ultra Grim Disign (IWYD) sent us.


We wanna send a big hug to every single one of you that shared positive energy with us during the Strefi show.
Honestly, watching you smile and having fun is an unbeatable feeling. We couldn't ask for more and we feel blessed for being a part of this...
Thanks to Scullcrasher distro, our sound engineers, and all the girls & guys that helped in setting up Wasteland fest volume 1; glueing posters, posting the event in the net, loading / unloading the equipment, cooking, cleaning up the mess afterwards... This is D.I.Y.
L. (Nowhere zine) took the vocal duties during our cover song 'Koritsi viazei agori' by Orexi Gia Tipota. Siked!
Next stop: Corfu. We are playing in Groove Your Neighborhood fest vol.4 and this is the 2nd island that My Turn will attempt to conquer (sic). Come on and say hi.
2 more shows coming in August... Volos on 25th and Oropos on 27th. More info soon.
Yesterday we recorded live our song called 'The Reason'. The outcome is cool, you may listen to it laterz. We are thinking of using it somehow, we'll figure it out and let you know.

Now it's time for our 15 minutes of fame...
Check out Rebuild fanzine issue #2 (rebuildhardcore.blogspot.com), straight out of Serbia. We gave an interview to Jelena, who is responsible for it. We are more than happy to be featured in a fanzine along with Greg Bennick, Dario Youth Crew Records, Death Is Not Glamorous, Rearranged and Anthony Papallardo.
Moreover, we have some cool photos from the Strefi show thanks to Natalia (zombey.tumblr.com).


The Monday's fest moved to Lofos Strefi.
Same line up, same time.
Be there.


Summertime and still in the city.
We are all busy with shitty jobs and shittier obligations.
Next week we have a show, though...
Wasteland fest vol.1 will take place in Polytechnic University of Athens, downtown Exarheia, on Monday 18th July. 
Bill (Jagernaut, Jerboa Illustrations) drawed an alternative poster for the fest and here you have it.

We have a new song almost finished... It's called 'Orange juice and punk rock' and -you're right- it's pretty much pro-straight edge...
And did we tell ya that we booked our airtickets to Berlin?! We are playing a couple of shows there at the end of October and you can't imagine how psyched we are about this... 
It seems that autumn will be hot...
 Stay gold,


 Nauplio is like an island.
We had a great time there.
Thank yous to every single one that took care of the show.
It was the 1st DIY festival that has ever taken place in Greece's first capital city.
 In these crucial times, it's vital to spread the message of self-organisation in small cities.
Hugs to Bandage, Despite Everything, Niente Grosso and to our friends that travelled from Athens.
See ya in 2 weeks; this time we are playing in the metropolis of Athens at Wasteland fest vol.I
Athens is still trying to recover from the police brutality that was exercised in its streets during the demonstrations the previous days.

Btw, I just found the weirdest review ever written for our demo.
We are gonna wear our straight edge gloves, get our baseball bats and make that kid feel sorry for being ironic with our positiveness. Unfortunately, capitalism stole our singer's virginity.

'So, the time is now for the most boring review of the whole blog-sphere.
Apostolis sent me his band's demo a couple of months ago and I'm still digging the words to make it through. Here you'll find no nice words.
My Turn comes from athens, greece and they play positive hardcore 
(no, i'm not kidding... they declare it).
So, in the vein of 7 seconds and with their original name to be Positive Approach, My Turn delivers short-fused hardcore tracks full of of childish freshness (even if they are close to 30).
Add the screams of a young virgin girl and you have the new must of athens city, something like mojito with fresh lime...
Enjoy respectively'