Demo CDR out now!

Hey fellow ones.
We got the final mix of our demo this morning (tons of thanks to Steph) and since then we worked with pleasure in order to prepare all 40 CDRs for you. So, yeap, our first demo is OUT NOW! 'Noble Intentions' CDR includes 6 songs + an intro of intense and passionate hardcore (or at least we think so...), A5 folded lyric sheet and a cute sticker. Moreover, the covers are hand-numbered and printed in colored papers (yellow, pink, azure & light green). The artwork was made by our friend and amazing illustrator Bill (Jerboa Illustrations) and it's 100% handmade. As mentioned above, the CDR is limited to 40 copies, this is the 1st press, even though I dunno if there's gonna be a 2nd one, actually it depends on you...!
Here's the cover:
Nice, isn't it?! The demo costs 2 euros and you can get it either by us or by visiting this site:
www.myturnhc.bigcartel.com (yeah we even made a big cartel, we're getting rich!).
We'll have copies in our first show in Bulgaria and in our upcoming Athens show on 27th, but the impatient ones can get a copy from World's Appreciated Kitsch distro table during The Feeling Of Love show in K/S this Saturday. Alex is gonna take care of the distro, so kindly ask him for a copy!
We will upload a couple of songs in our myspace site tonight or tomorrow morning. Check it out: www.myspace.com/myturnhc

The tape format of our demo is gonna be out next week, since we didn't get the tapes in time for our first show in Sofia this coming Saturday. Hopefully, we'll have the tapes in our first Greek show. Fingers crossed.

Concerning the next My Turn shows, we booked one more, this time in Volos city on Friday 10th December. More info will come soon. We are about to confirm a show in Thessaloniki on 11th December, as well.

That's all I guess.
Stay gold & take care of yerselves.
We're sailing on.