Both shows we played in Athens last week were rad.
Thank you.

We started the recording sessions of our first - yet untitled - full length album.
Drums are almost done. 
Bass guitar is next.

Btw, we are working on some new shows abroad.
We'll keep you updated.
Merry Xmas to everyone.
Take good care of each other; the times are hard.


We just came back from Serres.
The more the kilometers, the more the fun.
Tons of thanks to everyone that made us feel like home.
It's the reason why we still exist.

Get prepared for Saturday night.
Get prepared for war.
No tear gas will stop us this time...!

Stay gold


Natalia a.k.a. Moko took some pictures during our set in Nomiki and below you can watch the result.
Tons of thanks to her.
Moreover, check out an interview we gave in a greek portal.
Other news; we are rehearsing a lot this week since the recordings of our new album will hopefully start the next one.
We'll keep you updated.
Have a nice week / month.


Saturday night proved us right.
Thank you.

Sad news: the show in Kavala on 10th Dec got postponed for another date.
Good news: we are playing in Serres instead.
It's the 2nd time for us in this city and we can't wait to meet old & new friends there.
We are sharing the van with Bandage and the stage with 6 more cool bands.
The people from the local autonomous centre celebrate 5 years of existence and we wish them courage & strength in these crucial times.


It's been almost a month since our last show, but on Saturday night we punk.
Come & join the pit.




Being a positive hardcore band, we couldn't resist to accept the invitation to play in this year's Positively Positive Hardcore / Punk Fest.
We are happy to announce that we are gonna share the stage with awesome bands like Antillectual (NL), Whales' Island (IT), Eternal Hated and Vivaldi Heroes.
This is the 5th edition of Positively Positive and as the previous years the fest will take place in downtown Athens, AN Club.
The date is Saturday 17th December 2011.
More info + poster soon.


Silent but not stagnate.
Actually, we are preparing our recording sessions; mid - december we enter the studio.
Our first full length will be out in early spring 2012.
It seems that the release of the record will coincide with our first european tour.
Fingers crossed.

Till then we have already 3 shows booked.
On 26th November we play in Athens along with UK punk legends English Dogs and a bunch of other cool punk rock bands. On 10th December we travel to Kavala sharing the van with our dear friends Bandage. The 3rd show will take place on 7th January, taking part at No Music / No Holidays fest #3 in Larissa. No other shows will be added till January, since we have to concentrate on the recordings.

Reality is harsh and you should all have understood this. This thing they call 'crisis' is a big bubble, created by the system itself, ready to explode. Times are crucial and we have to keep focused on sustaining our values. Solidarity is our only way out.

Stay gold


Photo session_Berlin

All photos by Markos | MT.


Positive Energy Over Berlin session #3_29.10

Woke up after a 5 hr sleep is not the greatest thing in the world, but keeping the PMA is undoubtedly the most important thing in the world...! 
So, we split in 3 parts. Drossos went downtown for a huge walk and Fotis & Eliza visited a big vegan super market, while me & Markos headed to Coretex Records in Kreuzberg (Manolis was sleeping of course).

After an hour of hanging around and staring at the huge record piles, we bought a couple of hardcore related books from the store and headed to Alexanderplatz in order to meet the rest of the crew. While waiting for the others we even watched a Syrian demo that was taking place in the area. International solidarity, I guess.
When we reunited with MT family, we decided to go to the Yellow Sunshine vegetarian / vegan restaurant for lunch. (Not to forget to mention that this weekend was ultra-veg(etari)an; tons of awesome food, drinks and products for the veg(etari)ans to enjoy). Markos & Manolis (who met us afterwards) tasted some delicious (I can assume) burgers, though.
Lunch was over, and after some market visits, we entered a nice cafeteria to get some hot coffee / tea. The name of that brand new cafe was the german word for sin, as far as I remember. Make sure to visit this when you are around Kreuzberg.
It was already 19.00 so we had to go back to Manolis' house, get some rest and head to Koepi to trash the place up.
2 german girls, friends of Manolis, joined us there, as well. We arrived in Koepi around 20.30-21.00 and there were already a lot of people hanging around. Actually, there was a vegan gathering in the main building incl. vegan pizzas, the screening of an animal rights movie and a big table with brochures and pamphlets.
The first time I entered this building was 6 years ago, when my ex-band played in Koepi, so it was more than cool to realize that 6 years after and all this shit still makes me happy... Sorry for this personal comment, hehe.
Tonight's show featured Black Mammoth XTC and Sick Eater, both from Berlin, plus Deer In The Headlights & Dispro, the bands we shared the stage with in Scharni, as well.
Deer In The Headlights played first, a couple of minutes after 23.00. They played an ok show but due to some technical problems and their singer being in pain, they didn't manage to give their 100%. Nevertheless, this band has the potential to become well-known, trust me. Dispro were next, delivering their screamo influenced hardcore / punk; Doom's 'Police Bastard' cover was not included in their set this time, though.
We got on stage around 00.30 and for the next 40' we played our set and had fun. I can assure you that we definitely enjoyed that show; I dare to say that we played better than Scharni, even though we had to cope with some technical difficulties. Pretty psyched to see Koma F packed, as well. Our greek friends were there once more. 
Sick Eater were next, playing sludge or something like this, totally not my cup of tea. Black Mammoth 'headlined' the show, delivering a wall of sound. If you are into sludge / hardcore, check 'em out.
We said goodbye to old and new friends and left Koepi with a huge smile. 
The tour was over but we had lots of fun.
The trip back to the house and then to the airport and then to Athens downtown was pretty exhausting. Almost all of us couldn't manage to keep their eyes open for more than a couple of minutes. You know the deal.
I crashed in my bed for a bunch of hours and here I am now writing this report and bringing in my mind all the great memories.
Till next time, STAY GOLD.

Stand out quotes during the mini tour:
'Woah, you are My Turn'
'Bring the customers'
'Nomizame mesa'

a. on behalf of MT.


Positive Energy Over Berlin session #2_28.10

05.35 in the morning...
Today was the day that almost every ethnical parade in every major city in Greece got cancelled; demonstrations against the government took place instead...
My Turn were in Berlin, though, taking a break from all this shit that happens in our country lately and trading the bad energy with lotsa fun...
So, we woke up around 11 and headed to Warschauer strasse for some 'punk sightseeing'.
That means we went to the Bis Auf's Messer record store (where we bought some quality hardcore records; you should visit this store when you are in Berlin), got coffee and cupcakes in Cupcake Berlin, ate delicious vegan food at Yo Yo's and visited a couple of skateshops / stores.
After a short break to get some rest in Manolis' house, we headed all together to Scharni 38, a huge yet nice building located in the Friedrichshain area. Scharni 38 is the absolute punk squat incl. a basement where the shows take place, a bar, a kitschen, a lot of couches and of course a mini football table (I have to admit that Markos & Drossos beat Manolis & me countless times this evening...).
Since it was early enough we decided to go for a walk in the nearby area. Harris (old friend from Thessaloniki and now Berlin resident, singer / guitarist of Black Mammoth Xtc) was outside; it was great to see him! 
When we returned we met Alkisti (she travelled all the way from Saarbrucken) and her friend Nick. What a surprise! I mean, I knew that Alkisti was going to attend our gigs but since we hadn't talked for a couple of months, I doubted if she would finally come...
We got a new surprise after a while when Mitsos from Athens (btw check his great blog: www.boohahart.blogspot.com) entered the room along with his friend Alex. He was in Berlin for a week or so and managed to attend our show. More greeks gathered after a while and that made us less anxious I guess, hehe! I even met a friend that I haven't seen for 8 yrs...
The venue was a small basement almost packed with 60-70 people by the time the show started. Nice atmosphere, for sure!
We got on stage around midnight and played our 30-35' set. We had lots of fun with people moshing / dancing to our songs. We even played an encore (Gorilla Biscuits' 'Start today'). 
We wanna thank first and foremost Veit & the rest of Scharni crew and send our gratitude to everyone that showed up, plus the 3 bands we shared the stage with.
It seems that all 4 bands (incl. us) plus Sick Eater will play at Kopi tomorrow night since both Deer In The Headlights (amazing female - fronted dark yet emotional hardcore band from Bosnia, btw) and Dispro (decent screamo / hardcore from Croatia) have 3 shows in a row cancelled, so getting a 2nd show in Berlin is more than welcome for them, I can assume.
After spending an hour in metro stations and U-line trains, we reached the house, took a shower and got ready to sleep. Actually everyone is sleeping right now and I'm the only one awake writing this report... I'm gonna get a 5hr sleep because Markos wants me to get him in Coretex record store tomorrow, while Fotis & Eliza will do some vegan shopping and Drossos will visit the city centre.
We kiss you goodnight.
Up the punks.

a. on behalf of MT.


Positive Energy Over Berlin session #1_27.10

Woke up kinda early (that means 11...); 3/4 of My Turn and Eliza met at our house in order to squeeze everything into the limited amount of luggages we were allowed to get.
Took the metro and met Fotis at the airport. Check in was next, got snacks and went on board.
The flight was ok. Markos is afraid of airplanes but I think he overcame it, Drossos slept during all the flight, while I took a nap for a while. The couple read books and Metal Hammer to kill time.
We arrived in Berlin at 18.00 and after a bit of misunderstanding (sic) we met Manolis in Neukolln and headed to his house.
Fotis & I decided to go to the Impericon Never Say Die! show to watch Deez Nuts and a bunch of other fashioncore bands incl. Suicide Silence & Emmure. When we reached the club, we figured out that the show had been moved to a bigger venue, half an hour walking distance from there... On our way to the new venue we enjoyed the landscape and even saw a big fox in a park! Unfortunately, Deez Nuts were finishing their set when we found the club, so we decided that paying 25 euros to see 2 lame metalcore bands wasn't the smartest decision.
So, we preferred to met the rest of the crew in Kreuzberg area, where they were enjoying some burgers (meat & non-meat ones) at Burgermeister. We got tofu burgers, spicy falafel and fritz colas. Superb! Konrad Toenz pub was next; totally 60s atmosphere with a DJ spinning 7"s; we had our cocktails (incl. some amazing alcohol frei ones), we danced, we had fun. 
A short stop to another bar called Filmkunst followed and we hurried up to take the bus back home.
It's 3.15 in the morning and we crash at Manolis' house. Almost everybody is sleeping. The alarm is set at 9.45; we have to visit a lot of cool places tomorrow before we go to Scharni 38 haus projekt, with cool record stores, vegan restaurants and cafeterias being among them. 
We are gonna share the stage with some awesome bands tomorrow; Deer In The Headlights from Bosnia - Herzegovina, Dispro from Croatia and the locals called Black Mammoth Xtc feat. our friend Harris from Thessaloniki, who lives in Berlin now. If you are around come and say hi.
Guten nacht!
a. on behalf of MT.


Both shows were great.
Tons of thanks to every single one of you that showed up.
Cops ruined our show in Athens, though.
After we finished our set and went upstairs to breathe some air and hang around with friends,
we show a lot of cops passing by AN Club & heading to Exarheia square, where some riots were taking place... People screamed at them 'go away'. They answered with tear gas...
They threw tear gas in the entrance of a club packed with almost 200 people.
What followed? No comments.
Unfortunately, Censored Sound cancelled their appearance due to all this fucked up situation...

The show in Thessaloniki was quieter at least, hehe.
Special thanx to Nikos / Take The Chance and Danai for taking good care of us.
We really really appreciate it.
Here's the poster of the show, just for the record.

Next stop: Berlin.
We are flying to Berlin on Thursday early in the evening. 
We have 2 shows on 28th & 29th October.
Here's the tour pass / flyer that our friend Ultra Grim made.
And below are the posters of the shows.
We are gonna share the stage with some great bands, check them out.

We have some new 50 x 70cm (feat. the default photo of this blog) posters & buttons (feat. our new diamond logo) available for free.
Don't hesitate to ask for them!
That's all amigos.
See ya soon.


Hey hey hey.
It's time for an update, don't you think so?!
As you can figure out, we changed a bit the design of this blog. Actually, we just changed the default picture and that's all... Talking about that picture; it was taken by Natalia, while the artwork was made by Ultra Grim Disign, both are friends of us and we thank them very much for their contribution to MT art. This design is already in the pressing plant since we are preparing 250 50x70cm poster to give away for free to you during our upcoming shows!

Merch-wise, our new t-shirt is almost ready and will be available by the end of the week.
Ultra Grim got a picture that Natalia took and here is what he made with it...

This Heart Is A Pipebomb will take care of the printing of this tee, once again. It's limited to 35 cps; including girlie, small, medium & large sizes. Hurry up and preorder yours!

Btw, we have a shitload of photos from our Strefi & Sofia show. We are gonna upload a bunch anytime soon. We almost forgot it... Did we tell you that we have a blast during both shows??? It was amazing. Thanks a lot to every single one of you that showed up and made us feel great. We really appreciate it.
Extra thanks to Niki / Ugly & Proud Records and the rest of For The Kids Booking (Bulgaria) for the awesome hospitality in Sofia. We'll never forget this... Sharing the stage with bands like Trial, Anchor, Run With The Hunted & Taking Hold, it's more than an honor for us.
Here's a video including half of our show that we recently found in the net: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IUOi9N0l0yM&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL

Concerning our shows, we have 2 greek and 2 german ones coming soon.
We are hitting the stage of AN Club on 21st October along with local friends Lunatix, Against All Odds and Censored Sound (check the poster below; made by Ultra Grim as usual), and we are playing a benefit show for Kouvelou Squat (that suffered an arson by fascist scum 20 days ago) in Biologica Squat / Thessaloniki, along with Zvarna, Phineas Cage and Take The Chance.

At the end of the month we have a 3-day trip to Berlin, Germany, playing 2 shows in the city; 28th - Scharni 38 Hausprojekt w/ Deer In The Headlights from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Dispro from Croatia and Berlin locals (feat. our greek friend, Harris) Black Mammoth Xtc. 29th - Koma F / Koepi Squat w/ Black Mammoth Xtc. and Sick Eater (Berliners, as well). Does it make any sense to write down how fucking excited we are about this trip? I don't think so!

Last but not least... Don't forget to get a copy of the new issue of No Exit fanzine! There's an in depth My Turn interview inside, and besides that the fanzine rules. More info here: http://noexitzine.blogspot.com/

That's all for now... 
It's time for a rehearsal.


We deliver a new song to you...
It's a rough mix of a live recording session we did 2 months ago at Matrix Studios in Athens.
The song is called 'The Reason', some of you may already know it...
Visit the links below and enjoy...

Moreover, we booked one more show for October.
We are sharing Viologiko's stage (Thessaloniki) with Beartrap (USA) and Witchcult (UK) on Saturday 22nd.
See ya at the shows.


Here are the posters of the shows we are gonna play in September.
Can't wait...
We have one more new song called 'Photos On The Wall', btw.


Some months ago we kinda decided not to upload any photos in our social media.
It seems that this is definitely not happening.
My Turn is still about letting the music & the lyrics unveil our emotions, and not exposing ourselves, though.  
Our good friend Kristi sent us a bunch of photos from the Volos show.
Check out her tumblr sites: screaming-reality.tumblr.com / nosofobia.tumblr.com


Good morning.
Our dear friend Suzie just sent us a bunch of photos she took during the show in Volos.
Check out her blog called Anchor End: snowspirit.tumblr.com
It seems that more & more girls get involved in the hc / punk scene, and this is undoubtedly vital for it to keep going.
Thanks S., we really appreciate it.
Here you are.


Huge thanks to every single one of you that made us feel more than comfortable during the Volos & Oropos shows. Extra thanks to the gals & guys that took care of the shows. 
We need more of you dedicated individuals.
We are going back to rehearsals this week. I doubt if we play any show till 24th September when we have the Strefi concert. The Sofia show is approaching, too, and our excitement can't be described.

So, that was a short update. Hardcore is all about communication after all, and even 2-3 clauses serve this purpose. 
Peace (e?!),

the other day you asked me if I believe in karma
what we will become the day that we die
if our souls will reach the sky, if our sins will be forgiven
then I gave you a hug and we kissed goodnight