Did we have fun at Patras? Sure we did!
I dare to say that this was our best show so far, even though the sound could be way better. No problem, we are a punk band after all, we can live with this! Thank you to George for everything, it really means a lot to us. And extra thanks to all our friends from Athens & Patras that showed up. We won't forget this.

So, here you have 2 posters of our upcoming shows.
We are working a bit on more shows, so stay in touch and you may read some good news in the following days.
December will be hot for us. 3 shows (or maybe one more, who knows...!) in Volos, Agrinio and Athens are waiting for us. Do we feel blessed? Yeap, I can assure you.
Friday 10th December we are sharing Riot Squat's (Volos) stage along with Green Goblins and Against All Odds.
Saturday 11th December we'll wreck En Plw's (Agrinio) stage along with the fellow musicians called Bandage. You'll get the poster anytime soon.
Friday 17th December we will proudly perform our songs at the Positively Negative Hardcore Fest 4 (AN Club, Athens).
More shows coming in January...
So, let's get back to nowadays! We'll taking a bit of a break these weeks, since our bassist is studyin' hard for an important exam he is about to take in London next week, while our vocalist is almost dead after the Deathbed tour and he still needs to work for a local show tomorrow. Both vocalist & bassist will be abroad next week, so no rehearsals for a while. F. (our guitarist) is workin' on the new issue of Take Your Shot fanzine; he promised that he'll have copies in our upcoming shows, let' see. And what about our drummer? Hmm... You know, noone cares about drummers in general, but we do; we love this guy, haha. He's currently occupied with broken relationships, football teams and PC networks, as far as I know...

Did I tell you that we are gonna have our first T-shirt, as well? Yeap, be patient, we are working on it.
My Turn apparel coming soon, haha.

That's all. Take good care of yourselves.
A. on behalf of MT


Birds of a coming storm.

The show in Larissa was awesome, thanks a lot to everyone that made us feel like home.
Although we were a bit stressed because our vocalist was working at 6 o'clock the following morning, while the rest of us were dizzy by the heavy metal tunes we're listening on the way to Larissa from Athens, we all had fun and gave our best. Or I guess so...
Tomorrow we're playing at Patras, sharing the stage with the mighty Deathbed (Finland), I Want You Dead, Boktorva B.H.Q. and Muerte De La Pega. The show will take place in University of Patras and will start at 21.00 (sharp).
It'd be really awesome if you come and join us. Hangin' out with old friends and meeting new ones is the best for a hardcore band like My Turn.
Take care of yourselves.

P.S. The presale for the Positively Negative Hardcore Fest # 4 started. We are a part of this, as well.
Get your advanced tickets from this site:
We'll upload the poster (along with the Volos show poster) in the following days.



We have a show in Larissa tomorrow.
Time for a road trip again; we missed those moments.
Show up and have some fun.
And buy tapes / CDRs, make us rich. Oops!


MT on the road.

Hey fellows,
Here you get the posters of our next 2 shows in Larissa & Patras, respectively.
We are definitely psyched about them.
Playin' live is one of the most lifesaving things for us.
Hope to meet you there.
Stay focused.