Thou shalt win the death of our dream
Thou shalt win the death of our dream
Thou shalt win the death of our dream
Thou shalt win the death of our dream

6 songs + an intro gettin' ready to be recorded in Jack's nest this Friday, the first day of October.
Song titles are: Noble Intentions, Lighthouse, This World, Too Much To Handle, Growing Up, Eyesky. They may change, though.
Our demo tape will be entitled as 'Noble Intentions', I guess.


Some news.

Our first show is gonna take place in Mad Club (Gkazi, Athens) on Wednesday 27th October. We'll share the stage along with fellow bands Against All Odds, Eternal Hated and Eden Demise.
There are 3 more shows coming up in November and December, as well. There will be a 4th show (not confirmed yet) during the Christmas period, we'll keep you updated.

Moreover, we have plans to release our first demo tape. We'll do our best to have it available at our first show, even though it's not 100% yet. The demo tape will include 6 songs and an intro, and it will be limited in 50 copies. You'll get more info sooner than soon.

Stay gold.

P.S. We wanna say a big thanks to Jim (Ultra Grim Disign) for designing our first logo. He's gonna provide us with more art soon! Visit his web if you need any designs, he rules. www.myspace.com/ultragrim



We are a brand new positive hardcore band, formed in summer 2010, and based in Athens, Greece.
We love hardcore music and we'll be performing soon in a basement near you.
F. - guitar / vocals, M. - drums, S. - bass / vocals, A.- vocals.