Serres was awesome.
Watching the smiles on your faces, during our set, means everything to us.
Humble thank you's to all the kids we met there, especially Chris for inviting us to play this show, Marios & Valentina for letting us sleep in their houses without even knowing us, and all the beautiful girls & boys that took care of the whole concert on behalf of the local autonomous place / squat.
Moreover, we would like to send hugs to people involved in the bands we shared the stage with; Eyeland, Wish Upon A Star, Bandage, Censored Sound and Los Pasados.
This was definitely one of our best shows till now. Actually, we played our longest set ever, 14 songs + our intro, woah!
The pictures below were taken by Angeliki, and we thank her for being so kind to send them to us.

So, we are taking a small break from shows. That means that we won't play (you'll never know, though...) a show in the next 3 weeks. We had 7 shows in less than 2 months, so I guess we need to concetrate on rehearsals and new songs right now. We are playing with Comeback Kid on 16th June in Athens, and 2 days after, on 18th June we are heading to Lixouri, Kefallonia, to participate in the 3-day fest that it's gonna take place there.

Da da,


The awesome people behind those awesome blogs were kind enough to review our demo.
We really appreciate it.
Hardcore Nation: http://hc-nation.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-turn-noble-intentions-demo-2010.html#more
Screaming Reality: http://screaming-reality.tumblr.com/


The show we were supposed to play this Thursday got cancelled.
Athens is definitely an unpleasant place to live in nowadays, with cops assaulting demonstrators and morons floating around. If life is hell, here's the shithole to experience it. Pff.
Serres is next. Can't wait to fuel our mind with more memories and nostalgia.
Come and say hi, we are nothing without you...

P.S. Thanks to all the kids for the great hospitality in Xanthi, we had a blast.


So, the trip to Patras was cool.
It was rad to meet old friends and spare some time with them.
The show was OK. Nothing special, though.

We are getting prepared for Xanthi. 3 more days till Saturday. Dude/tte, we can't wait.
We are playing in a skate contest along with 2 more bands. Here's the poster:

Other news?
We created a bandcamp webpage (www.myturn.bandcamp.com) where you can listen and download our demo songs for free. Check it out. To be honest, we are not so happy to have all those crappy commercial websites, but we only want to share our music & ideals with you, that's all...

Moreover, here you have 2 new reviews, an interview and a show report:
Open Your Arms And Welcome from Belgium, I think...
Culture Shock from UK:
The HC / Punk Demo Tapes Archive from ? (maybe France?):
http://thehcpunkdemotapesarchives.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-turn-noble-intentions-demo-2010.htmlHardcore Nation from Greece:

Thanks to every one for the kind words and the support.
Hugs & kisses,


New shows added.
More kilometres to be driven.
We are counting the hours to leave from the shithole and play in Patras this Friday.
We have 30 new t-shirts done. The angry octopus in grey tee. Grab one or cry later.
Btw, we created an account in reverbnation.
Copy & paste this link: www.reverbnation.com/myturnhc
Moreover, it seems that our fb page has started working properly.
You can even listen to the songs of our demo now.
Good morning.


So, Volos was awesome.
Thanks to every single one of you that made us feel like home.
We had the music, we had the spirit, we had the fun.
There's nothing more to ask for.
Those 25 minutes on stage are life-saving for us, you know this.
A new week is coming and we can't be patient enough for our next show, that is taking place in Patras this Friday.
Below you can find the poster designed by the mastermind Ultra Grim of I Want You Dead fame.
We are more than happy to share again the stage with those bastards, and we are psyched to play with the Italian mafia consisting of Straight Opposition and My Distance.
Only God knows, but I bet that this time we'll have some t-shirts with us. We might burn some more CDrs to give away to you, as well.

Have a nice month and take good care of yourselves.