Woah, Sofia was an amazing experience.
A big thanks goes to Alex LH and Martjin NTB for giving us the chance to join this awesome show, Nick Those Days for all the hospitality, Niki for being our host (& his friends, I cannot remember names, sorry...) and Nikolakis EH for letting us sleep in his house in Thessaloniki, and feeding us with vegan cake and hot tea.
Our trip started in Friday evening; after a fucking traffic jam in the national road, we managed to exit Athens at 18.00 and entered Thessaloniki at 22.30. The rest is history. 
We got back in Athens late at Sunday night. More than 1600km in 2 days, not bad at all.

Highlights / inside jokes:
'Psile sentra' at Rotonta Sq.
22os | sandwich / souvlaki argument
Amfilegomenos / Amfisvitoumenos / Dubious
Plovdiv (in general)
Vegan straight edge hip hop group / F.'s dream
S.'s whistle
Ford Focus' broken bumper
Art Hostel's employee (24hr zombie)
Bilkova (only A. & S. know, the other 2 were sleeping)
Karafaki fasi / Katerini / F. dancing

So, it's time for our 2nd show / 1st in Athens.
27th Oct. is the night (that means tomorrow or even today).
Show up @ Mad Club, we're playing 1st, around 21.15.

Don't forget to grab our CDRs and tapes, while you are there.
Btw, our tape was just released. I burned my head burning tapes all day and all night.
The CDR is limited to 40 copies (20 already gone) and the tape in 60 copies (yellow C32 tape).
Here's the tape's cover, thanks to Ultra Grim Disign:

That's all.
Cya soon.