Sofia_23rd October

Yeap, it's true.
We joined the Hate City 2010 Fest, along with No Turning Back, Last Hope, Brothers In Blood, Cut Off and Seven Ate Nine.
The fest is gonna take place in The Box, downtown Sofia city, and we are playin' at 19.30, so all of you Bulgarian friends show up for some passionate hardcore / punk music.
We're psyched about this, since it'll be our first show ever.
Thanks to Alex (ReAct Booking & Last Hope) for letting us in.

'Noble Intentions' demo tapes will be available during the show.
We just got the covers from the print-office and we are patiently waiting for the yellow tapes to arrive from the UK, while our 6 songs (+ an intro) are being mixed by a super nice guy called Stefanos.
By the way, we decided to print a limited edition of CDRs, as well. We'll make a bunch of 40, handmade & handnumbered. Our friend V. (Jerboa Illustrations) is taking care of the covers.

Think positive.