So, we managed to achieve something special.
We are the first hardcore band to play in the southernmost city of the whole Europe; Ιεράπετρα it is.
We must admit that we had a great time in the island of Crete, in spite of the weird things that happened to us on Saturday night, before, during and after our show. 
But... what happens in Ierapetra, stays in Ierapetra, as the locals say.
We wanna thank the Baikonur autonomous centre and the whole Underground Union Collective for taking good care of us. We won't forget this.

Next show is our release show. 30 days to go and we are more than stoked about this.
30.06.2012 is the fucking day and you don't want to miss this.
Our friends Bandage, One Last Round and the Punkcoustic Jet Lag Duo will share the stage with us, while the best local DJs will deliver a nice blend of punk & hardcore music before and after our show.

Btw, the test presses of our vinyl arrived a few hour ago and they sound superb.
The CD version will get to the pressing plant by the end of the week, while we are gonna
duplicate the tapes anytime soon.

Last but not least... Ladies & gentlemen, we are playing at Fluff Fest 2012.
We are fucking excited.

Stay gold


Well, Kavala was definitely awesome.
Tons of thanks to the Northern Soul Crew for the great hospitality,
plus to Bandage & Broken Glasses for sharing the stage with us.
Tomorrow we are leaving for Crete; we are playing in Ierapetra on
Saturday. It's our first time in Crete so you can imagine how excited we are.
In addition to this, Athens is more unbearable than ever lately, so
a trip in an island is like an oasis for us.

In other news, we are waiting for the test presses of our album,
while we are working on the tape & CD formats.
Our release show, as you already know, will take place on Saturday 30th June.
Just one month before this date we'll upload 2 brand new songs in our band camp.



Hardcore is more than music.


We start taking pre-orders for our new record.


- Our new record hits the pressing plant tomorrow. Period.
- Our release show is going to take place at Roi Mat on 30th June 2012. Word.
- Our euro tour is booked. 10 days - 10 shows - 7 countries.
- New merchandise on the way. Amazing.