Here are the posters for our September shows, come in, join the pit, stage dive and have fun!

Also, we've got a new shirt design and our first beannie, so make sure to order one in time or have it directly from one of our next shows. Also, you can order our 7" split with The Bridge, or our old shirts from our bigcartel page.


So, we got some good news to share with you all!

Great news!

This morning we finally received the copies of our split 7" with The Bridge.
Since it was a tough procedure, we are more than happy to have the vinyls delivered to us.
Thanks to the Goodwill Records crew and of course our brothers The Bridge for making this happen.
The 7"s are available during our next shows and via different distros / record stores all over the world.
Anyone that wanna order a copy, just drop us a message, or order it via our bigcartel site.
There's also a super limited amount of dark green colored vinyls; so you better hurry up if you want one.

So, right now we should state something we believe is important to make clear.
Since day one, MY TURN have nothing to do with any corporate sponsor or multinational companies.
We even declined propositions in the past.
But, the photo that is featured in the cover of our 7" depicts a logo of such an aforementioned sponsor.
This was not the photo that we approved and we guess that it was done accidentally and without our permission.
We still believe that corporate industries have no place in the hardcore scene but on the other hand it's not our fault
and this 7" includes some of our best material ever and we love the final result as hell.

To continue with good news, we decided not to just party tomorrow at Zero in Athens, but to play
that 'secret gig' some of you already know about. Spread the word & join the circle-pit.
It's gonna be a blast for sure and we want all of you to have fun and salute us before we leave for tour.

MT_July 2013.


Για το event στο facebook εδώ.

Πέμπτη 25 Ιουλίου 2013, γύρω στις 22.00.
ZERO | Μεγ. Αλεξάνδρου 120, Κεραμεικός, Αθήνα.
2 μέρες πριν την αναχώρηση για την ευρωπαϊκή μας περιοδεία, γιορτάζουμε την κυκλοφορία του νέου μας split 7" (με τους The Bridge από Σερβία), με τίτλο 'Friendship'.
Τα 4 μέλη των MY TURN θα είναι στα decks παίζοντας την μουσική που γουστάρουν.
Το 7" κυκλοφορεί από την Goodwill Records και την μέρα του πάρτυ θα μπορείτε να προμηθευτείτε τόσο την regular version (μαύρο βινύλιο), όσο και την limited (πράσινο βινύλιο), σε special deals με τα νέα μας t-shirts.



A couple of days ago, on 30th of June, we uploaded on our bandcamp page our 2 new songs, which will be at the upcoming 7" split with The Bridge, released by Goodwill Records on 4th of July. Make sure you will check them out here - http://myturn.bandcamp.com.
Also, we have 3 new t-shirts, which will be available very soon.

T-shirt no.1 - Avoid Escapism, artwork by Toni Edge / Falsos Positivos. 

T-shirt no2. 2Pac Rip Off, artwork by Jerboa Illustrations. 

T-shirt no3. Fish, artowrk by Ultra Grim Disign.

You can pre-order any of this shirt and/or the 7" split with The Bridge, from our Facebook page, or by sending us an e-mail at myturnhardcore@yahoo.com.

Stay true and avoid escapism.



Since day one, we are strongly affiliated with the straight edge movement. Even though we don't need to label our band as a strictly straight edge hardcore band, we definitely support a drug free way of life and we are trying to avoid escapism as much as we can.
Consequently, we are more than happy to be invited to play in Berlin Straight Edge Days 2013 on Saturday 6th September 2013. It's a 2day event feat. a bunch of great bands.
Edge Day started back in 1999 in Boston and 14 years later it's still alive in almost every big city of the world.
So, we just booked our air tickets and the 3day tour is going to be something like this:
6th September | Subversiv, Berlin (DE) @ Edge Day 2013
7th September | t.b.a., Potsdam or Berlin (DE)
8th September | t.b.a., Athens (GR) @ 7" release show *

* Yeah, we are doing a proper release show for our new split 7" (with our friends The Bridge), that will hit the streets around early July 2013. It's gonna be a local punk / hardcore show; more info soon.


The show with GBH was really great, and we are excited to have shared the stage with one of the best punk bands in the world. We would like to thank everyone who supported this show and the Overjoyed who also shared the stage with us.

We are now ready to offer to you our two summer tour posters, made by Ultragrim.


The show in Thessaloniki was really awesome, and we'd like to thank everyone involved in organizing, Liberta and Proodeutiki Toumpas for keeping the faith alive, our friends who joined us at the show, anyone who danced or enjoyed our tunes and the fellow bands we shared the floor with, Allergic, 10 To Go, Rantaplan and Groteska.
Our next show is on 1st of June in Athens, playing with punks G.B.H. and The Overjoyed.
See ya all there!

Stay Gold,


This is the poster for our next show, on 18th of May in Thessaloniki. It is a punk show for a new anti-authoritarian football team from Volos, called Liberta. Before that, there will be a football match between Liberta and Proodeytiki Toumpas (local anti-authoritarian team of Thessaloniki). There are many ways to stand your ground, and one of them is football too. Support your local football teams, and screw modern football.



So, we are back in Athens from the Spanish Tour.
Had an awesome time, met some really cool people, and had some amazing shows.
We would like to thank from the bottom of our big hearts Izumi and the True Promises Collective, Fukushima and Emil who let us use their equipment and shared this tour with us, all the bands we shared the stage/floor with (shoutout to Falsos Positivos and Injustice System, check out these guys!), and of course anyone who came to a show, bought a shirt or an LP, danced, or even said hello.
We're getting ready for our Friday show in Athens, sharing the stage of Zero club with The Smoking Barrels.
See ya all there.
Till then, stay true and take care.
Stay Gold,



There's a super special limited edition t-shirt for our Spanish tour. Designed by Toni Edge from Ayora Traditional Tattoos.
The t-shirt will be printed by True Promises Collective and it'll be available during our 6 shows in Spain.


Here's a flyer and a banner about our upcoming 7" split with The Bridge from Serbia, which will be released by Goodwill Records, made by Elena Voodoo (check her awesome work here). Feel free to share it and spread the word!



So, there have been almost 3 months since we last updated our blogspot.
Seems that facebook is fancier these days, and less and less people pay attention to blogs.
Anyways, we have some cool news to share with all of you.

As lots of you may have already seen or understood, we have parted ways with our former and original guitarist, Fotis, and we have welcomed Stelios (also playing in Alectό from Volos) in the roster of My Turn 2 months ago. Two shows with this line-up already and we can't wait for the next ones.
We are getting ready for our Spanish week-tour, starting on 30th of April. On our coming back home, we are gonna share the floor of Zero club in Athens with our buddies The Smoking Barrels.

See you all there.
Keep the faith.


So, lads & gents, let's set things straight.
We have parted ways with Fotis, our original guitarist and former My Turn member.
Since Fotis was one of the driving forces of this band, and is one of our greatest friends that we have shared tons of trips, thousands of e-mails and countless hours of discussing about hardcore with, we definitely feel sad about his decision. But life goes on, and we want to thank him for being that honest and truly dedicated to My Turn these 2,5 years.

On the contrary, we are very happy to inform you that we have already found a new guitarist, kinda of young blood for My Turn. Dimitris of Soundkrash fame will be handling the guitar duties from now on. We welcome him on board!
Our shows with Strength Approach in Athens (15/2) and Larissa (16/2) will be the last ones for Fotis and the first ones for Dimitris. 

Talking of our next shows, we have booked a 6-day Spanish tour from 30th April to 6th May 2013. We will play cities like Valencia, Barcelona, Lleida, Tarrega and Castellon.
We are super excited about this and we wanna thank True Promises Collective that is taking care of the whole tour. Fukushima, a great hardcore band from Valencia, will join us in all the shows.
We schedule a couple of more shows in Greece for late March and probably some more in May / June. Moreover, we have started booking our mainland euro tour that will take place from late July to mid August. More news soon.

Music wise, 2 weeks ago we recorded 2 brand new songs in SP Studios, Athens.
The song titles are 'Don't Run Away' and 'To The Kids' and we are gonna release them as a split 7" with The Bridge, one of the best hardcore bands from Serbia, consisting of ex-Hitman members. They will participate with 2 songs, as well, one of them feat. guest appearance by Toby H2O. The split 7" will be released some time in mid June 2013 and we can't wait for this!

So this is My Turn 2013.
See you out there.