A couple of days ago, on 30th of June, we uploaded on our bandcamp page our 2 new songs, which will be at the upcoming 7" split with The Bridge, released by Goodwill Records on 4th of July. Make sure you will check them out here - http://myturn.bandcamp.com.
Also, we have 3 new t-shirts, which will be available very soon.

T-shirt no.1 - Avoid Escapism, artwork by Toni Edge / Falsos Positivos. 

T-shirt no2. 2Pac Rip Off, artwork by Jerboa Illustrations. 

T-shirt no3. Fish, artowrk by Ultra Grim Disign.

You can pre-order any of this shirt and/or the 7" split with The Bridge, from our Facebook page, or by sending us an e-mail at myturnhardcore@yahoo.com.

Stay true and avoid escapism.