Date: 22th July
Time: 11.50

The story:
Yeah, we know that it's been 2,5 days since our last update but it was impossible to share everything with you via this blog because of lack of internet connection since we left Praha.
So, in brief... The rest of Pre-Fluff was great with Anchor tearing the place apart.
We headed to some girls' house after the show along with 2 of The Hunger / As We Were members in order to shower / get some sleep. We woke up around 8 and drove straight to Praha downtown, left Anna in the hotel and tried once more to fix our GPS. No results again, so we used an old school map and some useful advice from random Czechs. 
Arrived in the wonderland of hardcore, simply called Fluff Fest, 1 hour after noon, checked in, got our passes and hanged around, diving into tons of distro boxes, while trying to take photos of everything.
We unloaded our back line in the tent stage, set up everything and started the show at 15.20 sharp. No exaggeration, it was fucking AWESOME. Stage divings, moshing, sing-alongs; everything we expect of a hardcore show was here in front of our eyes. We felt terribly great and finished our set with a cover of Project X's Straight Edge Revenge, bringing chaos to the 400-500 people that were watching our show.
We spent the rest of the day either behind our merch / distro table or watching some great bands with Reign Supreme, Nine Eleven, Graf Orlock, Coke Bust, Code Orange Kids, End Of A Year and Loma Prieta being among them. We even watched a great set by Defeater; a set that wasn't too well-accepted by many scenesters carrying banners stating Defeater, nationalism, militarism, or nation against freedom, and showing their middle fingers to the band. Defeater openly supported the American troopers lately and a lot of punks will never accept this...
Fast food / ice creams / juices were also a part of the game.
So, around midnight almost all of us headed to the camping area to manage to get some sleep.
We didn't succeed it that much, though due to the never-ending party that was going on around us. 
So, we woke up around 8 and got ready to hit the road.

Fast - forward...
24 hours later we are in a cafeteria in Katerini, exhausted as hell.
Drove through Czech Republic, Austria, Hungary, Serbia and Macedonia... 
In 5 hours we'll be in Athens, since we have a show tonight along with our buddies Wish Upon A Star and Against All Odds. Hope to see you there!