Date: 19th July
Time: 19.30

The story:
Just finished playing in the Pre-Fluff matinee.
But let's rewind a bit, because due to lack of internet access we shared no news the last 24 hours...
So, we arrived in Graz after a short trip (let's say 2 hours), and a police check, around 17.00. Lost a bit in the city (btw how beautiful are all the european cities we visit?!), searched for a shop to fix our GPS (no results, though), and got some alcohol-free drinks while Lepas was shopping at H&M.
We entered Sub at around 18.30 and had an awesome vegan dinner along with the French (Aussitot Mort, Nine Eleven) and the Swedes (No Omega, Grieved).
The show started around 21.30, we played first, a tight set of 9 songs that we definitely enjoyed.
No Omega and Grieved were next, playing much better than the show in Sofia. We liked them a lot!
Nine Eleven proved once again why they are considered to be one of the best modern hardcore bands nowadays, delivering an insane show with their vocalist trashing the place up. 
Aussitôt Mort hit the stage around 1 hour after midnight but their heavy set of post-hardcore / doom kept everyone awake and absorbed by their music.
We then loaded the van and followed the path that Flo paved with his fixed bike to his house. 
Less than 4hrs of sleep and on the road again, since the trip to Praha is about 6-7hrs.
Lepas did all the drive and we arrive in Praha around 3 for the Pre-Fluff Matinee.
It was good to meet great friends from all over Europe, incl. a bunch of Greek ones.
We played second, around 17.00, after As We Were.
Our show was sick, fueled by stage dives and sing-alongs. 
Even though we had some technical difficulties, The Hunger guys helped us out by lending us their guitar so we managed to play all the songs out of our 9-song track list.
The Hunger were next; probably one of the most dedicated and outspoken bands of today's hardcore scene. Their speeches against homophobia and pro-sexual education were amazing. So was their hardcore.
Graf Orlock played next; nice show but not our cup of tea, and just now Unveil finished our set.
The bill includes Run With The Hunted, Coke Bust, Anchor and xTrue Nature x, so we have tons of moments to spend here at Cafe Na Pul Cesty, located in Pankrac district of Praha.
Stay gold.