So, lads & gents, let's set things straight.
We have parted ways with Fotis, our original guitarist and former My Turn member.
Since Fotis was one of the driving forces of this band, and is one of our greatest friends that we have shared tons of trips, thousands of e-mails and countless hours of discussing about hardcore with, we definitely feel sad about his decision. But life goes on, and we want to thank him for being that honest and truly dedicated to My Turn these 2,5 years.

On the contrary, we are very happy to inform you that we have already found a new guitarist, kinda of young blood for My Turn. Dimitris of Soundkrash fame will be handling the guitar duties from now on. We welcome him on board!
Our shows with Strength Approach in Athens (15/2) and Larissa (16/2) will be the last ones for Fotis and the first ones for Dimitris. 

Talking of our next shows, we have booked a 6-day Spanish tour from 30th April to 6th May 2013. We will play cities like Valencia, Barcelona, Lleida, Tarrega and Castellon.
We are super excited about this and we wanna thank True Promises Collective that is taking care of the whole tour. Fukushima, a great hardcore band from Valencia, will join us in all the shows.
We schedule a couple of more shows in Greece for late March and probably some more in May / June. Moreover, we have started booking our mainland euro tour that will take place from late July to mid August. More news soon.

Music wise, 2 weeks ago we recorded 2 brand new songs in SP Studios, Athens.
The song titles are 'Don't Run Away' and 'To The Kids' and we are gonna release them as a split 7" with The Bridge, one of the best hardcore bands from Serbia, consisting of ex-Hitman members. They will participate with 2 songs, as well, one of them feat. guest appearance by Toby H2O. The split 7" will be released some time in mid June 2013 and we can't wait for this!

So this is My Turn 2013.
See you out there.