Hey hey hey
We are pleased to announce that the recordings of our first full length album are completed.
Jack (Despite Everything) is going to give us the WAV files in order to send them to Robin (The Now Denial / www.recorob.de) to mix and master them.
We'll have everything ready by the end of April or even earlier. Fingers crossed...
The title and the track list of the album will be unveiled next week, since we are working on some final details.

In other news, we are invited in Go Fish Go! radio show (www.noizground.com) for an exclusive interview. Stay tuned this Thursday from 20.00 to 22.00.

Show-wise, we have already confirmed 3 and we are working on a bunch of more.
On 20th April we are playing in Larissa's skatepark along with our friends Absent, Sky Pup and Bandage.
On the next day we'll travel to Thessaloniki to share Biologica's stage with Fields Of Locust, Dala Sun and Absent, while on the 5th of May we play in Kavala with Bandage and Broken Glasses.
2 shows in Crete island and a show in Athens will be announced really soon.
Here's the poster of the Larissa show:

Btw, we asked from Ultra Grim to design a new MT t-shirt.
He came up with this:
We still dunno if we print on our t-shirts, but we gave it a try on our new button and it looks cool.
If you want one, hurry up; we made only 50.
For those that are wondering why is that 'straight edge punk' tag stated in the button, it's because
all the current My Turn members are straight edge and punks, so there's no sense in hiding it.

To finish with, we are deeply sorry about the suicide of a 77-year old citizen due to financial debts, that happened in Syntagma square early in the morning. We are sorry but not shocked as the majority of the greek society is. A greek society that besides shredding crocodile tears all day long, remains stagnant and apathetic. As long as any kind of authority exists, as long as capitalism keeps absorbing our lives, suicides / homicides like this one will haunt our reality.