Positive Energy Over Berlin session #3_29.10

Woke up after a 5 hr sleep is not the greatest thing in the world, but keeping the PMA is undoubtedly the most important thing in the world...! 
So, we split in 3 parts. Drossos went downtown for a huge walk and Fotis & Eliza visited a big vegan super market, while me & Markos headed to Coretex Records in Kreuzberg (Manolis was sleeping of course).

After an hour of hanging around and staring at the huge record piles, we bought a couple of hardcore related books from the store and headed to Alexanderplatz in order to meet the rest of the crew. While waiting for the others we even watched a Syrian demo that was taking place in the area. International solidarity, I guess.
When we reunited with MT family, we decided to go to the Yellow Sunshine vegetarian / vegan restaurant for lunch. (Not to forget to mention that this weekend was ultra-veg(etari)an; tons of awesome food, drinks and products for the veg(etari)ans to enjoy). Markos & Manolis (who met us afterwards) tasted some delicious (I can assume) burgers, though.
Lunch was over, and after some market visits, we entered a nice cafeteria to get some hot coffee / tea. The name of that brand new cafe was the german word for sin, as far as I remember. Make sure to visit this when you are around Kreuzberg.
It was already 19.00 so we had to go back to Manolis' house, get some rest and head to Koepi to trash the place up.
2 german girls, friends of Manolis, joined us there, as well. We arrived in Koepi around 20.30-21.00 and there were already a lot of people hanging around. Actually, there was a vegan gathering in the main building incl. vegan pizzas, the screening of an animal rights movie and a big table with brochures and pamphlets.
The first time I entered this building was 6 years ago, when my ex-band played in Koepi, so it was more than cool to realize that 6 years after and all this shit still makes me happy... Sorry for this personal comment, hehe.
Tonight's show featured Black Mammoth XTC and Sick Eater, both from Berlin, plus Deer In The Headlights & Dispro, the bands we shared the stage with in Scharni, as well.
Deer In The Headlights played first, a couple of minutes after 23.00. They played an ok show but due to some technical problems and their singer being in pain, they didn't manage to give their 100%. Nevertheless, this band has the potential to become well-known, trust me. Dispro were next, delivering their screamo influenced hardcore / punk; Doom's 'Police Bastard' cover was not included in their set this time, though.
We got on stage around 00.30 and for the next 40' we played our set and had fun. I can assure you that we definitely enjoyed that show; I dare to say that we played better than Scharni, even though we had to cope with some technical difficulties. Pretty psyched to see Koma F packed, as well. Our greek friends were there once more. 
Sick Eater were next, playing sludge or something like this, totally not my cup of tea. Black Mammoth 'headlined' the show, delivering a wall of sound. If you are into sludge / hardcore, check 'em out.
We said goodbye to old and new friends and left Koepi with a huge smile. 
The tour was over but we had lots of fun.
The trip back to the house and then to the airport and then to Athens downtown was pretty exhausting. Almost all of us couldn't manage to keep their eyes open for more than a couple of minutes. You know the deal.
I crashed in my bed for a bunch of hours and here I am now writing this report and bringing in my mind all the great memories.
Till next time, STAY GOLD.

Stand out quotes during the mini tour:
'Woah, you are My Turn'
'Bring the customers'
'Nomizame mesa'

a. on behalf of MT.