Positive Energy Over Berlin session #1_27.10

Woke up kinda early (that means 11...); 3/4 of My Turn and Eliza met at our house in order to squeeze everything into the limited amount of luggages we were allowed to get.
Took the metro and met Fotis at the airport. Check in was next, got snacks and went on board.
The flight was ok. Markos is afraid of airplanes but I think he overcame it, Drossos slept during all the flight, while I took a nap for a while. The couple read books and Metal Hammer to kill time.
We arrived in Berlin at 18.00 and after a bit of misunderstanding (sic) we met Manolis in Neukolln and headed to his house.
Fotis & I decided to go to the Impericon Never Say Die! show to watch Deez Nuts and a bunch of other fashioncore bands incl. Suicide Silence & Emmure. When we reached the club, we figured out that the show had been moved to a bigger venue, half an hour walking distance from there... On our way to the new venue we enjoyed the landscape and even saw a big fox in a park! Unfortunately, Deez Nuts were finishing their set when we found the club, so we decided that paying 25 euros to see 2 lame metalcore bands wasn't the smartest decision.
So, we preferred to met the rest of the crew in Kreuzberg area, where they were enjoying some burgers (meat & non-meat ones) at Burgermeister. We got tofu burgers, spicy falafel and fritz colas. Superb! Konrad Toenz pub was next; totally 60s atmosphere with a DJ spinning 7"s; we had our cocktails (incl. some amazing alcohol frei ones), we danced, we had fun. 
A short stop to another bar called Filmkunst followed and we hurried up to take the bus back home.
It's 3.15 in the morning and we crash at Manolis' house. Almost everybody is sleeping. The alarm is set at 9.45; we have to visit a lot of cool places tomorrow before we go to Scharni 38 haus projekt, with cool record stores, vegan restaurants and cafeterias being among them. 
We are gonna share the stage with some awesome bands tomorrow; Deer In The Headlights from Bosnia - Herzegovina, Dispro from Croatia and the locals called Black Mammoth Xtc feat. our friend Harris from Thessaloniki, who lives in Berlin now. If you are around come and say hi.
Guten nacht!
a. on behalf of MT.