Corfu was cool. 
We send a big thank you to the ones that deserve it and they definitely know who they are.
So, vacation period is almost over for all 4 of us; we still have some leftovers to enjoy, though.
After all, our shows and our roadtrips are vacation time, as well. 
We undoubtedly enjoy what we are doing with My Turn, these times cannot be easily traded...
We have 2 more shows till the end of the summer.
Volos - 25th August, along with our friends Despite Everything and Faithreat, plus the super duper punk rock group from Slovenia called In-Sane.
Oropos - 27th August, we participate in the Fist Festival along with our beloved Bandage and a bunch of cool punk bands.
More shows are coming in September / October; check the list on the right.
We are into playin' cities we've never played before like Ioannina and Kavala, plus one more show in Thessaloniki. If you are interested in booking us there, don't hesitate to drop us a line, we are cool & easy-going kids!

No more news I guess.
Support Bamboo Vegan; a new project that our guitarist is involved and it's def great.
And go check out Think. / a publication feat. words & images by our vocalist.
See ya out there.
Till then enjoy some photos that our friend Natalia took with her new lomo fisheye camera during the trip in Corfu. Btw, I just discovered that she also wrote a report of the trip in her tumblr site: zombey.tumblr.com

Without you we are nothing,

P.S.1 30 years after the riot in Brixton, London is once more calling to the underworld...
P.S.2 10 years without Carlo Giuliani... Shot dead by cops during the demonstrations in Genova on 20th July 2001; never forgive, never forget.