We are trying to defeat broiling weather by rehearsing and taking care of My Turn business (sic).
So, we are psyched to announce that we have almost finished composing 2 new songs, that will be featured in our upcoming full length, which is gonna be released sometime in the end of 2011 / early 2012.
New song no.1 is called 'If'... If you know the road, take me with you, leave the lights on and I will follow you... If you have the key, open this door, let me in, let me crash on your floor... while song no.2 is called 'Do You Care?'... Blood equals your welfare, do you care? Life becomes despair, do you care? Cruelty everywhere, do you care? I don't think that it's fair but do you care?...

Moreover, we booked 2 more shows... We are playing with In-Sane from Slovenia, plus all time friends Despite Everything and Faithreat, in Riot Squat / Volos, on 25th August. We have also joined the first DIY festival that is taking place in Oropos, called Fist Festival, on 27th August.

Merchwise... We have sold out all 60 copies of the octopus design t-shirt, so it's time for a bunch of more. This time the design may feature a sloth...! Besides that, we will have 30 tote bags with the octopus design anytime soon. 
That's all.

P.S. Here's a graphic that our friend Ultra Grim Disign (IWYD) sent us.