So, we are back from Kefallonia island and we'd love to share a mini report & some memories with you...

We (3 My Turn and 2 Bandage members) met on Saturday very very early (that means 8...) in the morning,  in order to catch the 11.45 boat from Kyllini to Poros. We started the trip around 8.45, so we had almost 3 hours for 300km; that means that we had to hurry up... After a lot of near death experiences and some crazy driving (reaching 180km per hour) by A., we arrived in Kyllini at 11.45 precisely. You can imagine that we were the last car & the very last passengers to enter the boat. Actually, we could say that the captain was waiting for us to buy tickets and get on board...
We arrived in Poros at around 13.00 and then after a 1,5 hour road trip we reached Lixouri and met the locals who were setting up the fest. We had a delicious (extremely 'heavy', though) lunch and got back to TEI University to soundcheck and hang out with the rest of the bands. The soundcheck started at 17.00 and ended at 22.00; that was not good for our nerves, but we overcame it with sleep, reading and teasing each other. The show started right after the last band finished soundcheck. Jolly Roger (a local hip hop band) played first, and then Another One Falls (kick-ass 90s punk rock), Middle Fingers High (skate punk), Bandage (punk rock comrades) performed their shows.
It was already 1 o'clock when we hit the stage. We had lots of fun featuring stage dive attempts, sing-alongs and circle-pits during our 4 first songs and then ...bad luck knocked our door. A girl (the one that took the amazing pictures you can enjoy below) got injured in the knee and we had to stop our set. We started again after almost 10 minutes, when something like a fight broke out... We were already kinda pissed with the really bad sound, plus our singer, A., was not in the right mood for a show due to personal reasons; consequently that led to a not that perfect appearance, but at least an OK one. Did we have fun? Of course we had. After all, we really enjoy playing live and sharing our music and emotions with you, and this can never change no matter the bad incidents that may happen in a live show...
Wish Upon A Star and Despite Everything were next and the fest ended at around 3.30.
We'd definitely like to thank everyone from the autonomous centre in the Lixouri University for inviting us to play that show, plus Olga & Ntinos (Another One Falls) for all the help. Big thanks to that guy Leuteris, who, without even knowing us, gave us the keys of his house in order to crash at 6 o'clock in the morning.
Solidarity and trust are 2 great reasons that push us to go on.

The trip back to Athens was endless. We left Lixouri at 12.30 and entered Athens at 22.00.
That was a way too huuggeee traffic jam....

P.S. Next stop: Nauplio, 2nd July. Btw, we just confirmed one more show... We are participating in Groove Your Neighborhood fest #4 that takes place in Corfu island on 6th August 2011.

All photos by Natalia. We wish you well.