So, Volos was awesome.
Thanks to every single one of you that made us feel like home.
We had the music, we had the spirit, we had the fun.
There's nothing more to ask for.
Those 25 minutes on stage are life-saving for us, you know this.
A new week is coming and we can't be patient enough for our next show, that is taking place in Patras this Friday.
Below you can find the poster designed by the mastermind Ultra Grim of I Want You Dead fame.
We are more than happy to share again the stage with those bastards, and we are psyched to play with the Italian mafia consisting of Straight Opposition and My Distance.
Only God knows, but I bet that this time we'll have some t-shirts with us. We might burn some more CDrs to give away to you, as well.

Have a nice month and take good care of yourselves.