My senses tell me to hold on to this / no matter what they say I will never cease
My senses tell me to hold on to this / it's the reason why I still exist 

-Some of you already know that we played as not so special guests in the Eternal Hated / All Around Heroes / Chaos Reign show, the previous wednesday. We had fun, and so you did. Awesome, thanks.
-We can't wait for the Saturday's show in Komotini. We are sharing the stage with our dear friends Vodka Juniors and the brave new kids Bad Bid. A. used to study in Komotini (tens of years ago, when he was young) and he still has friends there so this adds more excitement to his feelings. Moreover, I dunno if the rest of us have ever been in Komotini in their whole lives (except of Drossos, our session bassist, yeap we are missing S. for once again - fucking army). I think we are gonna start the trip on Friday and spend the night in Thessaloniki; what a better chance to meet old friends... Here's the poster designed by Re.Mono Designs.

-Our buttons are ready. Get yours asap. Only 100cps available. Moreover, Billy Jerboa Illustrations is taking care of our new t-shirt... It's gonna be available in a couple of weeks, I guess.

-We have a new song that kicks ass. It's called The Reason and we dare to say that it's emotional enough to make you doubt about our hardcore-ness (sic). You can read some of the lyrics above.
-We are gonna be featured in Rebuild hardcore fanzine issue 2, based in Serbia. Jelena was kind enough to send us some cool questions. Can't wait to get the printed material in our hands. Also, Bak / No Exit fanzine from Greece just sent us a bunch of interesting q's that we are gonna answer to this week. We chase fame.