We had an awesome weekend in Milano, Italy, so we'd love to share our experiences with you.
We arrived in Milano Malpensa airport on Friday afternoon and the super nice guy called Marco (he sings for My Own Voice, so you better check 'em out) picked us up and drove us with his super cool van downtown.
We left our stuff in the ho(s)tel and went for a walk in order to find something decent to eat. I convinced the kids that we had to visit a cool vegan / vegetarian place that I learned its existence by Marco. After 1 hour of searching that fucking place, we found out that all its tables were reserved, so we ended up in a cosy pizzeria eating huge pizzas and watching Livorno in the TV.
I had already started to feel ache all over my throat... Besides that, the weather in Milano was cold, around 0 degrees.
After having some rest in the hostel, we visited a nearby pub where a friend of Marco was celebrating his birthday. Cox 18 squat was next, where we were told that a cool dubstep / hip hop party was taking place. Dude/tte that squat was like a club located in Gkazi... 4 euros strict ticket and a stamp in the hand to enter one of the oldest squats in Milano (+25 years) that has now become a meeting place for fucking hipsters... Pff, we danced to the beats a bit, though and we decided to leave around 3.
We went to a pharmacy store where I bought some medicine for my throat and then crashed in the hostel.
I woke up in the morning the other day with a fucking hard throatache. It seemed impossible for me to even talk. I got anxious about the show and how we could manage to play our set...
So, we split in 2, F. & me went for a walk / coffee in Piazza Duomo, while S. & M. (sado & mazo?!) visited Milan's stadium, San Siro...!
I was sick so after F. ended 3 cups of espresso, we decided to return in the hostel in order to get some sleep while F. was about to read his Metal Hammer magazine, haha! Then he left me alone and went to meet the other guys.
Fuck, I spent almost half of the day in that hostel, pfff!

Marco picked us up from the hostel at around 18.30. We firstly visited a nice squat called Cantiere and then headed to TeLOS squat (located in Saronno / Varese area), where the 3 other bands (Attrito, Congegno and The Smashrooms) were waiting for us. It was awesome to meet again Gab (guitarist / vocalist of The Smashrooms), a cool friend of mine! Moreover, the TeLOS squat guys were super hospitable, preparing for us some vegan food, that we really enjoyed.

The show started at around 22.00; Congegno played first (nice band) and The Smashrooms were next. I really enjoyed their set, even though I was super anxious about whether I could sing or not, haha.
We took the stage at around midnight and ...we had a blast. 
The feedback was so awesome that I overcome my throat problems. We played a decent show, I think that was our best show ever. The kids had fun, stagediving and moshing all over the tiny room!
Awesome... Honestly!
I didn't watch Attrito's set, because I had to get some rest, but I was listening to their songs and they rule.
I think that around 150 kids attended the show, and to my surprise, most of them were very young and dedicated. Punks, metalheads, hardcore kids; a very mixed and cool audience.

We arrived in the hostel around 3.30 in the morning. We had to wake up at 7.30 in order to catch our flight...
Finally, we did it. 
This weekend was super awesome.
We wanna thank Marco / My Own Voice, the TeLOS squat crew (keep on the struggle!), the bands that we shared the stage with, and all the cool kids we met.
Till next time,
A. on behalf of My Turn.

P.S. We'll be glad to see you in our next show that takes place in Larissa this coming Saturday! We are playing with Venerea from Sweden, plus some 2 great local bands, and we are very excited about this.